White Spruce Flocked Clear Pre-Lit LED Christmas Tree 6.5ft

People who want a taller tree pre-lit with LED lights this Christmas can read this review of the White Spruce Flocked artificial Christmas tree that stands 6.5ft high and looks absolutely beautiful!

white artificial Christmas trees
6.5 Foot, LED Artificial Christmas Tree, White Spruce Flocked, Flock

This beautiful white tree has white needles and white flock. The in-and-out shape along with the white backdrop are made to beautifully showcase your festive ornaments and home decor. Height: 6.5 foot. Width: 56 inch

Lights: 450 warm clear wide angle LED lights. The wide angle LED lights are much more energy-efficient and durable than standard mini lights. When lit, looks the most like traditional mini lights with the energy efficiency of LED lighting. Uses a standard light strand where if a bulb burns out the rest stay on but if a bulb is removed, the strand goes out.

Branch tips: 1,206. The branch needle is made of PVC. PVC is the standard in artificial Christmas foliage. As with most PVC trees, the wire goes all the way to the tip on every branch. This tree holds many ornaments. Sturdy metal stand is included. Usage: Indoor Only

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