Vickerman Dura-Lit Artificial Christmas Cross 7.5ft

People who want something unusual this Christmas can read this review of the Vickerman dura-lit artificial Christmas cross that stands 7.5ft high and looks incredible.

unique artificial Christmas trees

Add a spiritual element to your holiday decorations with this Christmas Cross topiary. It can be embelished or left as is to make a statement.

Lights: 250 Clear, Dura-Lit Mini Lights. Advanced light strand ensures your light set remains lit even if a bulb is removed from its socket or a bulb burns out. Bulbs are 170 Milliamp to create a bright display of light. For safety, UL Listed lights with anti-twist sockets are fitted.

Branch tips: 672. All branch tips are the same size and color. The branch needle is made of PVC. PVC is the standard in artificial Christmas foliage. The needle is made of 2 ply, PVC with each ply being 12 micron thick. The bigger the number the better. Sturdy metal stand is included.

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